Jakt på bl.a. björn, älg och fågel. Jakt- och skytteutbildningar bl.a. Jägarexamen och Björnjakt. Viltskådning och Fiske. Äventyr, event och teamutveckling.

Lynx tracking

The Lynx! One of the most difficult animals to get near in the swedish wilderness. In the surroundings of the village Valsjöbyn in the north of the county Jämtland lives the notorius old lynx male, Thor. A huge cat  that have elusive the villagers and the hunters for years. With snow shoes or back country skis we get out in the rough terrain to track lynx. Don’t get disappointed if we found other tracks from wolverine, elk and other game. It’s just a bonus.


Suggested programme

DAY 1: Arrival in Valsjöbyn, tracking, dinner at Villan

DAYS 2: Breakfast, tracking, time for workshop/meetings, time at the fireside, dinner

DAYS 3: Breakfast and goodbyes

Exclusive Adventure’s hunts include

  • A complete tracking event with guides and land transport.
  • Rustic full-board accommodation (all meals and drinks)
  • Bed linen and towels


Mars and April

Optional extras

Dog Sledge Tour

1 or more days

Transfer from ÅreÖstersund Airport – helicopter or car