Jakt på bl.a. björn, älg och fågel. Jakt- och skytteutbildningar bl.a. Jägarexamen och Björnjakt. Viltskådning och Fiske. Äventyr, event och teamutveckling.

Ptarmigan hunting in the mountains

The mountainsides are afire with autumn colours and we are on the way out to the hunting grounds with the guide and his dog. Our rucksacks hold some filling sandwiches, smoked reindeer meat and a thermos of steaming hot soup, so we are prepared for a long day in the mountains. As yet we haven’t heard any shots from the other group that is out here. After a few kilometres through dense forest, the trees start to spread out. Ahead of us, among twisted mountain birches, is where they are hiding: the ptarmigan.

Walking through the mountains in the company of hunting friends and pointing bird dogs is a very special experience, with beautiful views and stunning scenery. Bird hunting is the most social and harmonious of all types of hunting. During the evenings there is time around the dinner table for many long hunting tales.

Ripjägare med hundar

VALSJÖBYN IS IN THE NORTHERN JÄMTLAND Not far from the Norwegian border. Myhrbodarna, a shieling that has been owned by the same family for over a century, is a few kilometres to the north-east. The views are vast and take in endless expanses of cloudberry marshes and lingonberry forests, mountainsides, and dense virgin forest that is edged by soft marshes. The terrain is hilly and wild. The rivers and lakes are full of fish. We have hunted and fished here for generations. Hunting with us provides you with access to 15,000 hectares of hunting grounds in an extraordinary, rich landscape.

We would love to have you as our guest, on your own or in the company of good friends. The groups are small. Our hospitality is generous. You will increase your knowledge and experience some excitement, as well as having a chance to relax and just enjoy life. We know the conditions here and the beautiful places to see. You probably have an idea of what you are looking for; together, we can plan to details of your stay here with us.

Suggested programme

DAY 1: Arrival in Valsjöbyn, dinner at Villan

DAY 2: Breakfast, hunting, time for workshop/meetings, time at the fireside, dinner

DAY 3: Breakfast, hunting, lunch and goodbyes

Exclusive Adventure’s hunts include

  • A complete hunting event with guides, dog handlers, dogs and land transport
  • Rustic full-board accommodation (all meals and drinks)
  • Bed linen and towels