Jakt på bl.a. björn, älg och fågel. Jakt- och skytteutbildningar bl.a. Jägarexamen och Björnjakt. Viltskådning och Fiske. Äventyr, event och teamutveckling.


(castor fiber)

It is early spring, the snow is melting and nature is stirring. The clear, cold morning air feels damp on the skin. A beaver lodge of branches and twigs is clearly visible at the river’s edge; it does not take long before a beaver’s angular profile peeks through the opening. Unaware of the danger waiting on the bank, the beaver swims curiously around a short distance from where the hunter is sitting. Suddenly the silence is broken by a sharp noise. The beaver sounds a warning by slapping its flat tail hard on the surface of the water. In a second it has vanished. Waiting. The sun is rising and the morning mist moves slowly over the water. Soon the beaver appears again and swims towards land.