Jakt på bl.a. björn, älg och fågel. Jakt- och skytteutbildningar bl.a. Jägarexamen och Björnjakt. Viltskådning och Fiske. Äventyr, event och teamutveckling.

Hunting, Adventures and Meetings

N 63° 11.811′, E 12° 18.798′

COLD AND HEAT Relaxed action, creative eccentricity or just a pleasant evening around the fire in a wind-beaten timber cottage – you choose. We create experiences that make a difference. By peeling away the must-dos and demands, and meeting nature on her terms, we reveal the core – that which is important, significant and thrilling.

PRISTINE ENVIRONMENTS When people step into the natural world, pulses slow and senses are heightened. We have chosen the mountains of Jämtland as the setting for our adventures, alpine terrain with steep mountainsides, extreme temperatures and rapidly changing weather. It is a challenging environment that is full of surprises. There are also historic sites where people have lived and worked for centuries, incomparable artisan food, hospitality and luxury. Thanks to our knowledge of the area and secure partnerships with guides, land owners and local residents, we are able to take you to parts of the mountains that few people have visited.

TAILOR-MADE Every adventure is tailor-made, based on the customer’s needs and wants, all with the greatest respect for nature and the land. Over the years, we have seen company boards, management groups, directors, friends and acquaintances all start to relax after a few days of memorable experiences with nature as a constant companion. Adventures challenge and help groups to bond. Places such as Myhrbodarna in Valsjöbyn, the pink hunting lodge at Rensjösätern or Sweden’s most innovative restaurant, Fäviken Magasinet, provide an extra dimension.

Team building

Exclusive Adventure have long experience working with team building. The competence are both inside the company (such as several years as educator/officer at the Swedish military academy) as together with well reputed professionals in the game.


“We have repeatedly been using Exclusive Adventure for team building and top management aswell as leadership training at various levels in the company. We can highly recommend Exclusive Adventure for your team building.”

Jonas Mårtensson – President SCA Timber


All our adventures takes place in the surroundings of Åre in the Swedish mountains. Åre is a well known ski resort with several high standard hotels and restaurants. The Copperhill Mountain lodge is well prepared for larger groups and conferences (up to 400 participants).

There is an domestic airport with several daily arrivals/departures to Arlanda International Airport just an hour with car from Åre. 220 km west from Åre is the international airport of Trondheim. Logistics are good with high standard roads leading to Åre.

What to do?

Team building in different shapes. From real hard core leadership training where the group will experience big efforts during a dog sledge and snowmobile expedition spending the nights in simple mountain cabins/tents/snow bivouacs to easier program for larger groups mainly in the surroundings (could be tough enough) of the hotel. The harsh conditions of the mountain environment attends even round the corner from the hotel and we think that is what make team building in Åre so perfect. You really have to rely on each other to survive… The environment together with our skilled guides and team builders gives you the reason to go here!