Jakt på bl.a. björn, älg och fågel. Jakt- och skytteutbildningar bl.a. Jägarexamen och Björnjakt. Viltskådning och Fiske. Äventyr, event och teamutveckling.

Extraordinary adventures

N 63° 11.811′, E 12° 18.798′

“It’s snowed during the night. The rising sun turns the mountainsides pink and the biting cold makes the snow creak and sparkle. The gear is already packed, reduced to a minimum. Skis and snowshoes are included. The dogs are waiting, howling and fidgety, impatient. The mountains are unpredictable, excellent teamwork will be needed for a somewhat comfortable journey on the three days away from civilisation. Uncertainty is our driving force. And joy.”

Exclusive Adventures offers

  • Jämtland as a meeting place for groups with high demands
  • Conference or businessmeeting
  • Carefully selected experiences
  • Events in pristine environments
  • Uncomplicated, easygoing and relaxed surroundings
  • A group of guides and partners who are true professionals
  • Tailor-made adventures